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1 The Gambling Story

I started out just like millions of people: playing the fake cash games online. One afternoon, I logged into my account to find a real money balance involving $5. 00. With all of the negative stigma society commonly attaches to online gaming, I figured I probably would never put in a deposit with my student's money, and this was the chance to see if I might create a few bucks and enjoy. I even played pretend money limit hold'em for two to three weeks until I was pumping it consistently so I could take advantage out of my 5 pounds.

In December 2004 I jumped into the smallest game on the spot: 10c/20c limit hold'em. With lots of luck (and some help from very loose games), I managed to slowly run my 'bankroll' right into about $50, at which unfortunately point I started playing $3 sit'n'go's, which finally became $7 and $10 sit'n'gos, then $1/$2 limit. I was spending a lot of time reading strategy websites, such as reading the limit hold'em posts (referenced at bottom). Right now (July 2005), my money had reached about $600. I began to read considerably more about bonuses and rakeback, which might be absolutely ESSENTIAL to all limit player, as I will outline below.

I began to forgo strategy in favour of hunting down the a large number of lucrative bonuses. I was obsessed with the notion of 'free money' using bonuses, and my game (and bottom line) suffered as a result. I struggled playing tough $1/$2 and $2/$4 online games at various sites, although Used to do slowly increase my bank roll. Eventually, I got tired of playing breaking even texas hold'em to earn bonus greenbacks, and I realized that i would never move beyond the miscroscopic stakes games if MY SPOUSE AND I was putting 'bonus whoring' prior to when improving my game, i really made a drastic transform: I put bonus whoring right behind me, and I required my $2, 000 bankroll to Party $3/$6 6max matches, which were definitely very much softer than the Definite $1/$2 grind.

January 2006: I did very well for a few months, and then broke even for ones next couple. I moved about $5/$10, and remained a slight winner. I made quality money, but the fact is I was a very mediocre player; bonuses and rakeback preserved me barely profitable just the summer months. At this stage, my bankroll had expanded to $16, 000, but I compared my winrate towards the disgusting amount of rake I JUST was paying, and I thought to return to my bonus-whoring solutions, albeit at the exact stakes. I realized that her good rakeback deal could around double my hourly speed, provided the tables remained soft. I did a large amount of research on rakeback along with bonus deals, which paid off immensely. I played at several sites from the summer and fall with 2006, eventually settling about the VERY profitable prop player deal within a major site, playing the particular $4/$8 and $6/$12 shorthanded restriction games. After a couple of weeks, however, I became fed up. I once again needed a move. Despite the fact i was making significantly more with this particular prop deal than at any other site / game, I decided ıt had been time to take an essential run at no confine hold'em. I had manufactured some random, unsuccessful efforts at NL throughout the entire poker experience, however variance of playing short-handed limit could be unbearable, and to quotation a poker-playing friend of mine, "You're the exclusively person I've ever satisfied that plays limit, bro". I had put together saved a quote by a post that really stuck by him: Visit: -

Change sites. Play (alot) a smaller amount tables. Drop down for stakes (slightly). Think regarding each decision. Post wrists and hands in start forums. Limit you to ultimately a fairly small bankroll and progress in limits quickly (or down in the event you lose).

Do that for in terms of a month (without falling back up old patterns) and you must shoot yourself for not doing it last year?

He wasn't kidding. Available Christmas of 2006, I reserved $500 for a dash at NLHE. I combined these advices with my $5. 00 reduce approach: I started at the end, $25NL back at Party (before among the the penny tables) I read everything We could get my hands relating to about NLHE, and My group is very happy with my results so far: I'm currently playing $200NL, and I haven't played one hand of limit since i deposited that $500 right into Party. I am still discovering new strategy and principles about no limit (and poker in most cases, really) every time I sit back for a session, and my goal is always to reach $600NL sometime come early july.

Enough about me. Here's the meat for this post - if next to nothing else, please read all the section on bonuses & rake back.

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